Friday, July 11, 2008

iPHONE 2.o upgrade is here AND ITS GOING TO FUCK YOU!

If you have this morning it may be too late.

The upgrade will lock your phone and you'll have nothing but a brick and a lot of questions.

Apple servers crashed because they couldn't handle the expected rush of people eager to update their phone. What will happen is you can download the upgrade. it will then wipe your phone clean and restore its factory settings then it will attempt to gain access to the crashed servers and finally give up. your phone is now just a 911 enabled piece of shit.

Thanks APPLE! I've been on hold on a borrowed phone for over an hour meanwhile reading the message boards and people are reporting that the server outage could be over 24 hours.

I need this damn thing for work. Every second I wait on hold is another fucking needle I want to push in their eyes.

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