Friday, August 29, 2008

So I get this apology to a hate post today

Hello. I am writing to formally issue an apology. I am sorry for
attacking you over something so petty. Although this may only lead to
me getting more revved up, the truth is I came across your commentary
on earth shoes because I have been on crutches for the past two weeks
(and I am sure you really don't care) but I was told that I was no
longer allowed to wear converse and had to invest in some nice shoes.
To top that off, I am incredibly disappointed in the country at the
moment, and although your political views are none of my business, I
am a liberal, vegetarian, going into environmental science and reading
your excerpt gave me the impression that you are a heartless,
republican, narrow minded asshole, and although it is entirely
possible that you are, that is none of my fucking business whatsoever.
So, I apologize for taking my frustrations with the environment and
my currently crippled physical condition out on you. Five years ago
when I thought I was a punk rock, chaos loving, 16 year old, I am sure
I would have found that blog rather amusing. So now, I am a hypocrite
and a prick, and I will blame it on pms and get on with it.

(name removed)

P.S. were you offering me a hug? just kidding. I really am sorry.


Anonymous said...

Little does she know that you are really a a heartless, Democratic, narrow-minded asshole. ;-)

Mad props to her. The apology seems entirely sincere and also manages to rip you again. I may be in love, and I wish her the best.

WAT said...


She apologizes, but yet she doesn't?

Oh, it's hard for life not to make us bitter. I totally understand the poor girl.