Sunday, June 8, 2008

The most obscure movie tie in ever!

Just a quick quote about the Santa Barbara Zoo then check out the link:

"The zoo is famous for its endangered Snow Lepards, but raising the funds to acquire them was no easy task. ZOOBQ™ arranged for a private shooting for local hunters to bag trophy cats like the more common puma, lion and cougar. The heads and pelts were provided to the hunters who each paid $5,000 for the privilege, and the meat was featured in a gourmet evening of broiled meat and rare vintage wines that drew celebrity patrons from nearby L. A."

Click the link below and brace yourself...


Um this monkey looks sick...Lets eat him. This damn zebra eats too much. FIRE PIT ROASTED ZEBRA!!!!

Toledo Zoo
Feast on the Beast
"The world's most complete zoo" also had the world's most complete menu for this fun family event. Zoo management wanted a general thinning of their exhibit population so PETSorFOOD™ and ZOOBQ™ executive chef Diego Chen came in and developed a smorgasbord approach for the ring tailed lemur, meerkat, groundhog, toucan, and other exhibits on the menu in true Ohio fashion!"

Check out the daily specials at Pets or Food :
Dr.Sidney Zwibel

Wait who? Dr. Sidney Zwibel?!!! Oh I get it now...
Buckaroo Banzai.


WAT said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this disturbing monkey holding that cute puppy dog.

EmmaPeel007 said...

I think Rick Sanchez (apparently the guy who made up the site) just used that name as an obscure reference. Little did he know that some of us still own our Banza Institute coffee mugs.

Mensa tried to sue him for referencing them on his site: