Saturday, May 24, 2008

A "Smiley Face" connection?

The theme song for the "Smiley Face Killers"

Trane - they manufacture and install air conditioning/heating systems to universities and other facilities across the Eastern U.S.. It is based in La Crosse, WI where six of the victims went missing. They have a contract with Middlebury College (Nick Garza) and a manufacturing facility in Clarksville, TN (Jessiah Jameson). Trane technicians travel in vans and have access to substances which could stun a healthy young man into unconsciousness.

1. ...there are very high concentrations of "Smiley Face" drownings in cities where Trane has factories or headquarters. They don't have these in every state, so that correlation is pretty strong.
2. ...Trane technicians travel around the country for training courses and to fix or maintain existing systems.
3. ...when going on maintenance calls they have service vans (vans have been mentioned in a few of the Smiley Face cases).
4. ...apparently a technician would have access to a refrigerant called R-410A which could be used to render someone unconscious (or dead):
"Inhaling high concentrations of refrigerant vapour can cause a feeling of intoxication and dizziness with a loss of coordination and slurred speech. Cardiac irregularities, unconsciousness,
and ultimately death, can occur from breathing a high concentration of refrigerant. If a technician experiences any of these symptoms he should move or be moved to an area with fresh air and receive medical attention. Keep in mind this pertains to ALL refrigerants not just R410A."

For more info on THE SMILEY FACE MURDER CLUB Visit Footprints at the River's Edge.

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