Wednesday, August 29, 2007

perpetuating stereo-types

Uh oh.

Someone called ABC out on their new series claiming the "Cavemen" insurance commercial inspired series is the modern equivalent of blackface.
The went so far as to alter these clips to drive the point home.

This is going to be a good fight. ABC (and its parent company DISNEY) is not going to like this one bit.

Honestly even without the alteration it looks like trouble.
for example:

Then again disney has had to deal with suppression of stereo-types before before Hidden deep away in the vault


Luke said...

First: this is a comedy about cavemen based on an insurance commercial. I think the controversy before the show will last longer than the show itself.

Second: maybe the writers think they're Arthur Miller, swapping cavemen/black people with witches/communists.

Third: while the cavemen exhibit some stereotypical "black" behavior, they also avoid many derogatory behaviors. In fact, most of the issues seem to be with other peoples' reactions to the cavemen.

Fourth: Did I mention it's a show based on an insurance commercial?

The In Crowd said...

Yeah, of course, there's something very wrong about basing a series on an insurance commercial.

(Despite the fact that TV and radio programming were invented to support the advertising)

I'd heard tell of plans for a series w/ the Burger King as well.

There's also something messed up about the smaller 'controversy' of none of the actors from the ads being included in the TV series. Has that hotbed of contention and righteous indignation been settled yet??

Although I'm guilty of enjoying the cavemen insurance commercials, it did occur to me a few months ago that there's something downright scary about all of the humor revolving around the reaction of a minority group reacting to being stereo-typed.

"Oh, that's funny how those ________ get all upset and militant about how they're perceived by the rest of society. Almost as if we should take them seriously."

Insert your favorite TV-sitcom group from the list:

Cavemen, aliens, circus clowns, robots, cartoon characters, zoo animals, pirates, hillbillies, albinos, hippies, sorority debs, transvestites, Amish, midgets, Korean shopkeepers who speak English poorly, Hispanic day laborers, Gay couples, Blacks, Jews, wealthy white celebrities, etc...