Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yes we've all seen it but listen closely this time.

"Three daughters and a son, born in a stable."

Oh and just to fuel the madness here is a picture of Sarah Palin just a few weeks before she went into labor in Texas
A few week before Her water broke and She drove out to DFW Airport to board a plane for Seattle, where she connected to another flight to Anchorage.
A flight in which the crew knew nothing of her condition nor did they detect she was in any stage of pregnancy.

(A check on shows this one-stop itinerary to take anywhere from 9.5 hours to over 12 hours. That doesn't include wait time or travel to the airport.)

OK, so she makes it to Anchorage. What does she do THEN?

Well, instead of going to a hospital that has a neonatal intensive care unit (remember, she's in labor pre-term, and the baby has Down Syndrome), she drives an hour to the small town where she has influence. And voila! Baby born.

Was the baby's arrival listed on the hospital's web site, along with all the other deliveries?


Sarah Palin says her doctor was an "expert". OK. So, an expert in obstetrics and gynecology -- which are the experts who monitor pregnancies and deliver babies -- is an OB/GYN. Was Sarah Palin's expert -- for this pre-term delivery in an already higher-risk pregnancy -- an OB/GYN?


Was the doctor listed on the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center directory a few days ago?


Is she listed there now?


Has anyone seen a copy of the birth certificate of Trig Palin?

Not that anyone knows.

Was Bristol Palin out of school for the five months previous to the birth of Trig Palin?


Why was she out of school?

Supposedly for mono, which she quickly overcame immediately after the birth and became pregnant. (Again?)

the picture was taken a few weeks before this all happened.

Oh wait then there is this picture taken 3 weeks before the baby arrived.

To be honest none of them look 3 weeks away from giving birth.
I think they snatched that baby! I think they were going to eat it and then this whole VP thing stopped them. For now.

By the way, how does a girl with MONO get pregnant? Way ta go MOM!

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