Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blood Drive.

This is a "hypothetical" situation.

I found myself in the middle of a Blood Drive a few weeks back. Yes a Blood Drive at work. Now ya know I'm sensitive to these things being that I can't donate blood myself. Here is my gripe about the damn drive. (you know where I'm going with this)

If you are a Man who has had sex with another man anytime between now and 1977 you cannot donate blood. Why? Because you are gay and may carry the AIDS virus.
Yes. The American Red Cross will not accept blood from men who have had sex with men as early as 1977. Because of AIDS. Not that women can get. Why they will gladly take blood from a woman who has screwed a different guy every day since 1977 but they don't want your faggoty-got-to-be-tainted blood.


You know my work has a non-discrimination policy.

This is in conflict with their policy.

Lets say they also post the names of the people that gave blood and pictures of them giving blood. Doesn't that scream look at the straight people? I find that repulsive.

of course this is not real as I never post anything about work online


Anonymous said...

The American Red Cross has released a statment explaining that they feel this particular policy is in need of updating; however, when regulated by FDA guidelines, they have to follow the rules. The Red Cross does not discriminate - the good they do cannot be measured.

Gavin Elster said...
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Gavin Elster said...

My primary issue is holding a blood drive in the workplace goes against specific anti-discrimination policies in place by that employer. Clearly there is still a discriminating factor in place. Yes it is true the FDA is the body that set this rule in place. Blood drives have no place in the workplace that claims to have a zero tolerance for discrimination.